Our country needs abortion doulas and practical support volunteers now more than ever.  

Practical support organizations and nonprofits need people who are trained and knowledgeable about abortion to hire and to bring on as volunteers. 

Communities need people who know how to help each other get access to safe abortion care.

Are you ready to support your community?

If you’ve been wanting to support your community more, be part of the reproductive justice movement, and ensure people you know (and friends of friends) are able to get abortion access… 

and you're looking for a meaningful way to make a difference given the abortion bans and restrictions across the US and beyond… 

 Then The Abortion Companion Collective was created for you!

In The Abortion Companion Collective you’ll learn: 

 + The history of reproductive justice advocacy and intersectionality in feminist spaces. 

+ All things abortion from what types of abortions that are available and how people get access to these types of abortions. 

+ How to support people through a self-managed abortion with abortion medication. 

+ How to keep yourself and your clients digitally safe and secure. 

+ How to center and care for people getting abortions.

+ How to have mindfulness around client’s spiritual practices and abortions.

What's Included in this Program?

The main program consists of 8 workshops plus bonus workshops for your continued education

Workshop 1 - Reproductive Justice & Advocacy - We'll go over intersectional feminism and antiracism work as these are the core understandings needed to be the best abortion companion you can be. Unlocking our biases is important for this work. We'll also discuss how abortion doulas/companions are some of the best advocates for reproductive justice and social change.

Workshop 2 - Abortion 101 & Values Exploration - In this workshop we'll cover all the types of abortions there are, help you get started on researching what is available in your community. We'll also help you identify your core values so you can live those values as your support abortion seekers and advocate for them.

Workshop 3 - Self Managed Abortions - A large portion of abortions happening in restricted states is by self-managed abortions. We deep dive into the all aspects you need to know to confidently support a friend, family member or community member through their self-managed abortion

Workshop 4 -Scope of Work as an Abortion Companion - in this workshop we'll go over what a companion does and doesn't do as non-medical community support. We also support you in creating your process for supporting abortion seeking folks in your community

Workshop 5 - Scenarios Training - This training goes over challenges that may arise when you are doing abortion support work. This will have you feeling more equipped to support you community members. 

Workshop 6 - Digital Security - a crucial part of working with people who are in restricted access states is keeping you and your peers digitally secure

Workshops 7 and 8 will be discussed on your intake call after enrollment for digital security purposes

The workshops are hosted LIVE and recorded (dates and times listed below). Workshops 7 and 8 will not be recorded for security of everyone in the program and your mentors. This will be discussed on your intake call after you join the program. 
There will also be office hours where you can ask your mentors questions and get extra support, and a group chat where you can support each other and ask questions. 

Bonuses + Extra Resources 
+ LGBTQ + Abortion Workshop
+ Pregnancy Options Counseling Workshop 
+ Capitalism & Reproductive Justice Workshop
+ Creating a Mutual Aid Collective Workshop
+ Resources to support you in creating an Antiracist doula practice
+ Reproductive resources for gender expansive folks  
+ Herbal abortion and aftercare resources

You’ll get community support in our Signal (encrypted group chat) thread, where you can ask questions whenever you’d like, and build relationships and conspire with other abortion doulas/abortion volunteers.

Class Schedule

All workshops are at 9am PST 12pm EST

Workshop 1 - Sunday, July 7th Recorded

Workshop 2 - Wednesday, July 10th Recorded

Workshop 3 - Sunday, July 14th Recorded

Workshop 4 - Wednesday, July 17th Recorded

Workshop 5 - Sunday, July 21st  Recorded 

Workshop 6 - Wednesday, July 24th Recorded 

Workshop 7 - Sunday, July 28th NOT RECORDED, must attend live for access

Workshop 8 - Wednesday, July 31st at 9am PST 12pm EST NOT RECORDED, must attend live for access

Enrollment closes 

June 28th 2024

Meet Your Mentors

Kimra (they/them) is 2 spirit, non-binary queer Indigenous/Mexican full spectrum doula and sex educator. They are supportive of all pregnancy outcomes and specialize in postpartum care and abortion care. Kimra's primary focus is helping people navigate abortion access in restricted states, and building networks to ensure people are able to access community supported care. 

Courtney (they/she) is a disabled, queer, neurospicy, Full Spectrum Doula and Health Educator. They support all pregnancy outcomes, help folks navigate all forms of health care and support families loving each other through end of life transitions. Their biggest current focus is accompaniment of folks seeking abortions, spreading awareness of how people can access the resources they need no matter where they are and building a care web to allow folks to support each other in their own communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this program cost money?

Courtney and Kimra have considerable amounts of experience supporting people in all pregnancy outcomes as birth and abortion doulas. We believe that birth workers and abortion workers deserve to be compensated for their work and expertise. 

Our work as abortion doulas has been unpaid labor in our communities (which are restricted access states) and putting our energy into a program like this is how we will be able to continue supporting our abortion having peers at no cost. Your payment to this program serves the community at large. 

Does this program have scholarships?

Yes, we are offering 20 scholarships for the June/July round of this program. Email abortionbruja@proton.me to apply for a scholarship. 

I don't live in a restricted access state. Is this program for me?

Absolutely it is. Abortion doulas from all around the country support abortion havers, digitally, throughout the country. This program also helps you become a desired volunteer for practical support organization as they look for people who have training and experience supporting people through abortions.

Do you offer a payment plan?

The Abortion Companion Collective is sliding scale from $250 to $500, one time payment. If you need a different type of payment plan, please email abortionbruja@proton.me 

If you have multiple people in your organization who would like to join the program, we have discounted options for that as well. Email us to discuss or message us on Signal at +12082439658

Do I need to do anything around digital security to join this program?

Yes, it is required that you have a Proton.me email address and a Signal account (both of which are free) to participate in this program. These will be discussed and you'll get help setting them up on the intake call after you join the program. 


Closed caption and transcription will be available on the Zoom sessions but not on the Signal sessions (the last 2 sessions are on Signal for security purposes). 

Students will need internet access and phone service to participate. 

We will not have any other language translation or ASL interpretation this round but we are working on that for the next round. Email abortionbruja@proton.me if you have any questions about accessibility. 

Who is this program for?

This program is led by 2 full spectrum doulas who are deeply committed to supporting individuals through their abortion journeys and have an immense amount of experience supporting abortion seekers.  

Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including abortion procedures, emotional support techniques, communication skills, advocacy, and self-care strategies. 

You'll complete this program with the knowledge and confidence to provide holistic abortion support to clients.  

We recognize that every individual's abortion experience is unique. 

Our program emphasizes the importance of cultural competency, inclusivity, and respect for diverse backgrounds and beliefs. 

 By the end of this program you’ll be confident volunteering for any practical support organization or abortion fund as an abortion companion, and you might even want to start your own abortion doula collective in your area.

Who this program is for: 

 - Trained and aspiring doulas and birth workers who are passionate about reproductive justice 

- Healthcare professionals, nurses, social workers, community workers who are seeking to enhance their support skills 

- Advocates committed to empowering individuals in their reproductive choices 

- Anyone looking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others

- Activists and community builders who want to support their peers and loved ones

Together, we can ensure that individuals seeking abortion have the compassionate care and support they deserve. Join The Abortion Companion Collective today!

Enrollment ends June 28th

Scholarships are available and we offer group discounts. 

Email abortionbruja@proton.me if you're interested in a scholarship or would like group pricing.

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